How does a mask subscription work?

Subscription sales have main advantages: - Time saving
- Saving money
- Space saving Every month you will receive the amount you choose, without worrying about unnecessary intermediaries. You choose the permanence and the amount of product you want to receive. We take care of the rest.

What is the subscription stay time?

The time per subscription varies depending on what you choose. Maybe: - 3 months
- 6 months
- 12 months

What products can I purchase through subscription?

Currently we have the option to purchase by subscription in surgical masks and FFP2 masks.


Is there a minimum order?

Yes, we have one-time purchase orders and subscription purchase orders. You choose the products and the amount you need and choose the way you buy.

Do you send orders home?

Yes. The order must be placed through our website and will be sent by message.


What is the price for shipping to my home address?

The cost of transportation is included in the prices.

How are the products delivered? Are they delivered in individual packages inside the box?

Surgical masks IIR boxes of 50 units each.
Children's IIR surgical masks boxes of 25 units.
Surgical masks IIR boxes of 50 units.
FFP2 masks in boxes of 25 individually packaged units
Nitrile gloves: 100 units.
Surgical gowns: Pack of 25 units.
Hats: 100 units.
Patucos: 100 units (50 pairs).


Are the Surgical Masks you sell better than hygienic masks?

Yes, they're better than hygienics because they're triple-layered. In addition, our masks have a filtration of 99.7% germs and dust, thus increasing the efficiency and safety of our product.

Are they the same surgical/sanitary and hygienic?

No. Surgical Masks: offer a higher level of protection and, as the name suggests, are those used in surgeries and other sanitary procedures. Hygienic Masks: also known as "barrier", are the ones that offer the least protection.

What type of product do we market and what regulations does it comply with?

Surgical Masks: Aitex, CE, UNE-EN14683:2019+AC, ISO 13485 – ISO 9001 and AEMPS license
Medical Gowns: Aitex, AEMPS and CE
Nitrile Gloves: UNE EN 374 Parts I, IV and V (Antivirus), CE, UN EN 455
FFP2 Masks: UNE EN 149-2001 + A1:2009, CE Marking, ISO 9001

Do you have FFP2 masks?

Yes, we just incorporated them into our catalog. All the information can be found on our website.

Does the price of the pack order carry I.V.A. included?

Yes, VAT and transport are included in the prices.

Did we eliminate the I.V.A. in the sale of masks?

Currently only public bodies, NGOs, clinics and hospitals are exempt from vat.

Is it true that surgical masks on the market have certain similarities?

Within the market of surgical masks there is a wide variety based mainly on the quality of their raw material, we have incorporated into our product quality fabrics that do not generate irritability or give feeling of heaviness, in the same way the length of the rubbers are ideal to not produce pain in our ears for continuous use and our filter is of a high quality which allows us to obtain a filtration efficiency of 99.7% , these and other aspects are the ones that make the difference between our product and similar ones that are on the market.

What kind of mask do I need?

Fpp2: protect both inside out and outwards.
Surgical : protect from the inside out.
Both types of masks are designed to effectively combat COVID-19, and depending on the type of customer and their needs you can select one or the other.
Our recommendation is not to use either hygienics or fabrics as they are not designed to protect against COVID-19.

Is the use of a mask legally mandatory?

The use of mask is mandatory for the whole population, because it is the way to prevent that, if you have COVID 19, you can transmit it to another person by sneezing and being deposited in some object that others then touch.

How often should I change my mask?

Remember that masks should be changed daily every 4-6 hours for both surgical masks and FFP2. As soon as the mask is wet, replace it with a clean, dry mask. It is essential to use and dispose of them properly to prevent them from being ineffective and their misuse aggravates the risk of contagion.

Is the mask useful?

Yes, masks avoid the risk of contagion with others, it is the only effective tool at this time to prevent contagion, as long as they are of the surgical models or fpp2.